10 Thoughts to Help You Savor the Holiday Season

by Anne Bennett on November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving is over and now we begin the task of surviving the month of December with more than a modicum of enjoyment.

Here, from the editor of Body+Soul, (a Martha Stewart whole living magazine) are some thoughts that might help you slow down and actually appreciate each day of December. Read through them and see if at least one doesn’t strike a personal chord.

1. Allow yourself the chance to really savor each moment.

2. Optimism isn’t just a shift in perspective. It’s an act of bravery.

3. Only you can decide the path worth taking.

4. Don’t wait for your mood to change; take action despite it.

5. Approach gift shopping as an opportunity to honor the people you really love.

6. Rather than search for a single miracle food, strive for a varied and delicious diet.

7. You can’t grow without pushing your limits.

8. Stop worrying about getting sick; focus on your health instead.

9. Don’t believe what you hear. Life is good.

10. No one knows what the future will bring. Put your energy into now.

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