2010: Bring It On!

by Anne Bennett on January 2, 2010

When it comes to a nearly constant bombardment of rich food, there is no other month quite like December. Even those who say they don’t like to cook suddenly become bakers–specifically of cookies and fudge judging from what I received–during the holidays.

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now because it’s January, the leanest month of the year in terms of what now fills our refrigerators and pantries. Eggnog and whipping cream? Gone. Honey baked ham and fluffy sandwich rolls? History. Now it’s all about Lean Cuisines, carrots and celery and instant oatmeal.

January is the month of the diet. And concomitant with the diet is the New Year’s resolution, which almost always involves giving something up, such as fast food (a major challenge for many), chocolate (impossible) and/or alcohol (downright uncivilized).

Rather than approach this month as a grueling test of wills, which can only lead inevitably to failure and self-deprecation, why not look at January as the launching of the New, Improved You?  You, Only Better. You, the Sequel.

Or how about You, the Leaner, Greener, 2010 Hybrid Model, able to go farther on less fuel without sacrificing speed, power or performance? How do we accomplish this transformation? It’s not as difficult as you might think.

First you will have to make a commitment to eating some real food this month. You know what real food is: it lines the perimeter of the supermarket and is mostly perishable. You don’t like vegetables? Get over it. Every single human being I know who has conquered the fat fight eats fruits and vegetables and likes them. A lot.


Start with this one simple task: go to the supermarket and look at the apples. Buy a few of the ones that look the crispiest and take them home and chill them in the fridge. Then slice one up, put it on a pretty plate and eat it, slice by slice. If you don’t enjoy every single crunchy bite, you’d better check your pulse.

I’m going to post some more soup recipes this month. Vegetable soups are a great way to fill up with less calories–a hybrid solution, if you will, to our need to cut back after a month of over-consumption. If you haven’t already tried the turkey chili (you can find it in the soup/stews section under “Recipes”) it’s a great one to start with.

Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. Launching the new, improved you could turn out to be fun, so dig in, hold on, and let’s get started!

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