A Cook’s Centenary

by Anne Bennett on August 8, 2012

OK, Whitman, once again you were wrong. Yogi Bear is not the person whose 100th birthday we will celebrate next Wednesday, August 15.

Here’s your big clue: the person who would have been 100 next week loved butter. In fact, she loved all kinds of food.

She also starred in her very own cooking show on TV beginning in 1963, after her opus on French cooking was published.

In her almost 92 years of life she was most often described as being indelibly cheerful.

She was 6’2″ tall and not especially pretty, but her fierce intelligence and her good humor more than compensated for any lack of celebrity suavity.

OK, Whit, can you guess who she is?

“Ummmm, I’m going to go with Yogi Bear.”

For heaven’s sake, I told you it wasn’t Yogi. Is that your final answer?

“Yes. I know it’s Yogi. Remember? He used to steal all those picnic baskets with Boo Boo.”

I give up.

“Wait! Can I call a friend? My girlfriend Julia the poodle might know.”

No. Some gourmet poodle you are. Tomorrow I’ll tell you who she is.




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