A Man and His Hungry Poodle

by Anne Bennett on January 15, 2017

Best friends Lulu and Champ, stoking the fire on a cold night

In the 1933 short film “The Fatal Glass of Beer,” W.C. Fields said, “It ain’t a fit night out for man or beast!” (W.C. wasn’t a slave to proper grammar, especially after a few of those aforementioned brewskis.)  Tonight, in the midst of an ice storm in the American Midwest, we couldn’t agree with W.C. more. It ain’t a fit night for fancy cooking.

Time to pull out our Crock Pots and cook up some turkey chili, posted here in early December. I’d bill this chili as comfort food for the health-conscious and the hungry. Leftovers are awesome. Or how about turkey-zucchini meatballs from SkinnyTaste, posted in November? Serve them with pasta or zoodles. Scrum! Or Chicken Parmesan Soup, another slow cooker revelation. You get the idea.  Pick a slow cooker recipe from the Recipes link on the upper left, set-it-and-forget-it and then huddle by the fire. No slow cooker? Chicken and Pepper Stew simmers in less than an hour on the stove-top.

Life is good when you have delicious and healthy food, a crackling fire and faithful poodles. You don’t believe me? The proof is in the picture above.

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