Anne’s Good Fortune at Starbucks

by Anne Bennett on April 28, 2014

StarbucksLast week was stellar from this one perspective: Starbucks’ and my stars aligned and I was the recipient of amazing good fortune.

Here’s what happened first: a new, bigger and better Starbucks opened in Prairie Village on Friday. I stopped on my way to WW, ecstatic that a drive-thru was finally available in our Kansas suburb.

My Eye

This isn’t a glare…is it?

The driver of the car in front of me, apparently as happy as I was, chatted with the Starbucks associate. I winced and wondered how loooong she was going to take. I didn’t have all day! She glanced at me in her rear-view mirror. I don’t think I glared but I can’t be sure. She drove ahead to the window, paid for her drink and drove away.

“Yay!” I yelled into the speaker (remember, I was as happy too!) and ordered my usual — a nonfat latte with one Equal. I pulled forward to pay for my drink and the Starbucks gentleman said, “The lady in front of you paid for your drink.”

My first, immediate thought — please tell me I wasn’t glaring at the woman in front of me. My second thought — what a kind gesture, to pay for a stranger’s drink even though they won’t be able to thank you for your generosity.

I paid for the person behind me and drove off.  All the way to work I smiled like a fool. That’s what happens when you receive an anonymous gift and then pass it on. You feel both grateful and generous. Pretty awesome feeling. It’s called paying it forward and I’ve decided to make it a habit.

Sunday morning I awoke early and remembered that we were out of coffee. I drove to the new Starbucks, went inside to survey the very cool interior and ordered my usual — nonfat latte with one Equal, plus a pound of Guatemalan beans ground for a cone filter.

pumpkin breadAnd because Friday’s generosity lingered, I ordered a slice of pumpkin bread for Champ. It was Sunday, a day of rest…and treats. When the woman gave me my package, she said that the slice of pumpkin bread broke as she placed it in the bag so she gave me an extra slice for free!

A slice of pumpkin bread is 11 WW Points. My intention had been to take a tiny bite of Champ’s slice, but my good fortune changed the plan.

I had an utterly delicious 11 Point breakfast on Sunday. And a latte. But it was nonfat with one Equal.

Sometimes you just have to go with the flow…of a stranger’s generosity and of your random good fortune. And let’s not forget Starbucks. Yes, it’s the world’s largest coffee joint and my Starbucks in Prairie Village is brand spanking new, but last week it felt to me like a familiar old neighborhood cafe filled with good friends. All that was missing was a pot-bellied stove and a cracker barrel.

It’s Monday and today I’m going to take a long walk (worth about 11 Points).

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Jody G. April 29, 2014 at 11:46 am

I recently finished reading “How Starbucks Changed My Life”. You might enjoy it, if you’re a Starbucks aficionado.

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