Apolo Watches His Weight Too!

by Anne Bennett on March 4, 2010

I was surprised to learn from a recent article in the Washington Post that Apolo Ono had to go on a diet before his record-breaking, eight-medal stint in Vancouver.

According to his trainer, John Schaeffer, Apolo got out of shape when he was competing on Dancing with the Stars in 2007, and had to lose almost 17 pounds before the Olympics. (Whoa! What kind of shape would we be in if we were on Dancing with the Stars? I’m thinking we’d be pretty buff!)

Apolo Ono at 5'8" and 142 pounds.

Apolo Ono at 5'8" and 142 pounds.

Schaeffer took complete control of the athlete’s lifestyle in the four months prior to the Olympics, cooking all his meals and overseeing a rigorous daily training schedule. Apolo ate mostly salmon, chicken and lots of vegetables and fruits, and lost about a pound a week.

That’s a pretty slow rate, considering the amount of exercise he was getting. I’m thinking that Schaeffer planned it this way so that Apolo would lose mostly fat and as little muscle as possible, a major benefit of slow weight loss.

So when you’re feeling impatient about the rate of your weight loss, it might be good to remember that the fittest athlete on the planet deliberately took four months to lose 17 pounds.┬áDo you want it gone fast, or do you want it gone for good?

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