Bring Your Lunch to Work

by Anne Bennett on August 29, 2013

LunchI know very few people who bring their own lunch to work. They’re either “too busy” in the morning, they don’t have the necessary accoutrements such as a lunch box, or they can’t come up with anything more creative than a PB&J on whole wheat, and nobody can eat that day-in-and-day-out.

Mark Bittman, food writer and cookbook author, recently wrote that it’s become un-hip to bring lunch; we’re actually embarrassed to be seen with the scourged brown bag.

But, he says, that needs to change, and I agree with him. In his weekly Flexitarian article in the New York Times, he suggests having some “basic building blocks” — leftover roasted vegetables, meats, beans and grains and several no-cook sauces — on hand at all times, and he gives recipes for each.

Yes, Virginia, this requires cooking, but Mark thinks that the decision to bring your lunch will ultimately make you a better, more efficient cook. His five no-cook sauces are easy-to-prepare, versatile, and they’ll last all week in the fridge.

Do yourself a favor and check out Mark’s suggestions — you’ll have an easier time losing weight because you’ll be in charge of what goes into your mouth, and unlike most of your co-workers, you’ll be the beneficiary of delicious, healthy lunches rather than fast-food calorie bombs.

That sounds very hip to me.


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