Clean Your Slate

by Anne Bennett on April 21, 2014

As a Weight Watchers leader and a home cook, I find that for lots of reasons, more and more people aren’t cooking, either some of the time or at all.

Many of us never even learned to cook. Plus, these days there’s way too much prepared, processed, fast food available to justify the effort of shopping for ingredients, schlepping them home after work and then preparing an entire meal from scratch.

Although I personally remain wedded to the idea of making my own food on a regular basis, I totally get it — cooking every day just isn’t a realistic option for many of us.

I hereby admit: frozen meals can be a healthy option, if you choose wisely and if you add some real food (an apple, a handful of baby carrots, half a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat) to your daily mix.

Weight Watchers has launched a campaign called Clean Your Slate. Watch the video above and see if it doesn’t resonant with you. I especially liked the young woman who said, “I wake up every morning and I say to myself, ‘Oh my God, ‘I can’t do it.'” She pauses and then she says, “Force yourself to do it!”

You Go, Girl! Wipe your slate clean and start over again. Today.  I love that idea!

P.S. So I know that this is a marketing ploy, but you know what?  I make buying decisions all the time based on ads.  So do you. If one of those ads inspires me to eat better or to empower myself to start over, I say that’s a win/win situation. Weight Watchers wins. We win. I’m OK with that.

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Kate April 21, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Love this!! Thanks for sharing and — as always — for inspiring.

Gayle April 22, 2014 at 8:55 am

“…put your past behind you.” in order to put your behind in the past. (The Lion King). That’s why I really like tracking points for the day, the next day you start with a “clean slate.” Thanks, Anne!

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