Cool Jules

by Anne Bennett on June 24, 2012

An up-do can make a girl feel so cool!

Julia has been experimenting with different summer dos lately. She was particularly fond of her Samurai look, that is, until Whitman came along and pulled the rubber band out of her hair.

He got a dunk in the pool after that, which didn’t stop him from following alongside her as she took a spin around the pool. They’re a pack of two, constantly together, constantly drumming up poodle mischief.

It’s going to be a scorcher here in the American Midwest today; they’re saying maybe 102 degrees F. We all knew this would happen eventually, especially after our almost snowless winter.

This may be the beginning of a very hot summer (otherwise known at chez Bennett as the dog days).

Can't you just hear her going, "Ahhhhhhh"?

But Julia isn’t worried. She knows how to stay cool, with the help of her human buddies Randy and Nick, the drywall guys.¬†They’ve been installing new sheetrock ceilings in our (previously flooded) living room and terrazzo room, and they’ve been leaving big commercial fans on to dry the mud.

I ask you: do you need any further proof that poodles are ranked second only to Australian sheepdogs in dog intelligence? If she had an opposable thumb I’m sure she’d be holding a margarita as well.

For dinner tonight we’re going to make a cold rice noodle and chicken salad recipe from the excellent blog Smitten Kitchen. If we absolutely love it, I’ll post it right here tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m getting into my pool floaty with a cold drink. Yeah, I know, I should be doing laps, but today I say, “Exercise, schmexercise.”

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