Every Plate is a Clean Slate

by Anne Bennett on April 22, 2014

The message in Weight Watchers’ new Smart Ones ad campaign is simple but profound — every meal is a chance to start with a clean slate, to move on from past eating indiscretions and learn to eat better.

When one woman in this video says, “I think sometimes, if no one sees me eat it…it doesn’t count,” all of the other women laugh, not because it’s funny but because they all can relate to having said the same thing to themselves. Let’s face it — we’ve all been there.

This campaign is partly about letting go — of our guilt and our negative thoughts. It’s about focusing not on the mistakes we made in the past but on where we go from here.  I like that. I’ve done enough self-recrimination to last a lifetime. I’m ready to do as they say — let go!

A hearty congratulations to Weight Watchers. Yes, I know, it’s an ad to sell Smart Ones frozen meals, but it’s also the most inspiring and empowering message I’ve heard in a long time.  Keep them coming! I’ll even buy a few Smart Ones meals to boot! By the way, WW has improved the nutritional profile of many of their entrees, adding twice the fiber in some of their pasta dishes. (Look for the label that says, “Fiberful pasta.”)

Another woman in the video sums up what we should all take to heart: “The ability to wipe the slate clean? Who wouldn’t want that?  Sign me up; I’m ready!”

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