Fast Food, English Style

by Anne Bennett on April 10, 2013


Not-very-clear photo taken with Elizabeth’s Blackberry, at a gas station somewhere in England.

This morning I got a text from my daughter Elizabeth, who is in the UK this week for her job. It included the photo above, and she wrote: “Only in the UK can you get this at a gas station for lunch.” Liz is staying in Winchester, about 50 miles west of London.

The salad consisted of “lentils, quinoa, borlotti and cannellini beans, split peas, edamame, raisins, pomegranate seeds in a low-fat yogurt dressing.”  According to the nutritional calculations,  it comes out to 8 WW points. She wrote that it was “delish” and that she also had a fresh fruit salad with blueberry and mango for breakfast.

I didn’t ask what conditions prompted Lizzie to eat at a gas station for both breakfast and lunch. It’s obviously not a glamour trip, but let’s not kid ourselves, she’s eating better than most Americans who travel domestically for work.

When I emailed my dear British friend Christine in London for more information, she replied that these kinds of healthful selections “are only offered on major routes and at very big service stations and not at normal gas stations,” which sell typical American-style junk food.

Still, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Why can’t we get fast food like this in the U.S.?  To whom do we complain or write letters? Seriously.

I’m ready to start a movement, and if there already is one, I want to join. Our country has abundant resources to provide high-quality nutritious, conveniently packaged foods, but the UK is clearly doing a better job than we are. I want to know what it will take for us to get off of our high horses and learn from somebody else.

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Judy Rea April 10, 2013 at 12:44 pm

What it takes is public demand. Remember when the movie houses started offering healthy popcorn in addition to their regular popcorn and so few people purchased it that they discontinued it?

Jody April 11, 2013 at 5:32 pm

Although, you could say to her, “only in Kansas City could you get BBQ ribs in a gas station!” (Oklahoma Joe’s)

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