How to Store Vegetables

by Anne Bennett on June 27, 2013


After I posted the Daily Salad Bowl article, I received questions about exactly how to store chopped vegetables in water. Should they be completely covered in water? Does the water leech nutrients from the veggies? How long can I store them?

The recipe in Mark Bittman’s cookbook, shown above, didn’t offer any further explanation, so I took a chance and emailed him via his web site:  I immediately got an automated response thanking me for writing but stating that he couldn’t respond to all the emails he received.

I understood. The man is a celebrity; he’s the leading food writer for the New York Times and an award-winning cookbook author.

But he’s also got something that most of us do not have: a staff. The next day I got an email from his executive assistant, Eve, who wrote that storing them in water is indeed a good way to keep some vegetables for several days. She recommended adding just enough water to cover, and to change it if it gets cloudy. Yes, some nutrients may be leeched, she said, but the nutrients also get leeched from sitting in a plastic bag (which I took to mean, choose your method of minimal leeching).

Her final admonition regarding vegetables: “Remember: the point is to eat them, not store them!”

Thanks, Eve. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now I’m going to go and munch some cold chopped veggies with my lunch.




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