Ice Cold Coke Keeps You Thin !

by Anne Bennett on October 30, 2013

Apparently we Weight Watchers have been doing it all wrong. Drinking Diet Coke is NOT the answer to staying trim. In this TV ad from 1961, we learn how to banish our “waistline worries”  with real Coke. According to the slim, blonde actress, an individual-size bottle (which back then was 6.5 ounces, barely a gulp-and-a-half by today’s thirsty standards) has no more calories than half a grapefruit!

Who knew?

She goes on: “Mmm. The cold, crisp taste of Coke is so satisfying it keeps me from eating something else that might really add those pounds.”

Is your head exploding yet? There’s more: she states confidently that Coke contains “a wholesome blending of pure food flavors,” which I guess makes it a bonafide health food.

If this gal tells us anything, it’s that we should take all advertisements with a grain of…sugar. Use your head — if you love Coke, don’t drink it for it’s “pure food flavor.” Drink it because it’s cold and sweet and you don’t give a damn about your teeth or your figure.

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