by Anne Bennett on January 27, 2012

Today was my 12th day of consecutive Jazzercise class. Sally, our Jazzercise instructor, has challenged us to attend daily for 21 days. At first I thought it would be unfeasible to work out every single day. After all, sports experts tell us to rest our muscles for at least 24 hours so that they can repair and then build.

I have to admit, I had been using this as an excuse for the last few years. If I went to class on a Tuesday, I told myself I couldn’t go on Wednesday because my muscles needed to rest. While my friend Joyce was attending at least five times a week, I was down to twice a week. And sometimes I didn’t even get there that often!

Well, now I know, and I’m going to tell you something you may not want to hear: you can be active every day so long as you implement certain precautions.

For one, I don’t do high impact every day; I vary between hopping and just stepping on alternate days. And I only use the heavier weights on alternate days as well. Result? After 12 days I feel great: no soreness, no fatigue, just a realization that I can no longer make excuses. And it actually feels good to get out of the house and do something physical every day.

Here’s a brief video that gives an example of a Jazzercise class. I have found that whatever you do, it has to be fun. Otherwise, you’ll drop it at the first opportunity. (Dentist appointment, haircut, you-know-what-I-mean.)

What are you doing to burn calories?

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