Jessica Rocks in LBD

by Anne Bennett on February 19, 2014

Jessica Simpson

Slim and trim Jessica Simpson in her $3 million little black dress!

Jessica Simpson was pregnant with her first baby when she signed a deal to become the celebrity spokesperson for Weight Watchers in 2011. The pitch was this: WW would help her lose her baby weight in anticipation of her marriage to fiancé Eric Johnson.

But then, almost immediately after having their daughter and before a wedding could even take place, Jessica became pregnant again, putting Weight Watchers back on hold for almost a year.

Skip to the present and just look at Jessica now, mother of two and wearing a stunning little black dress in the newest Weight Watchers commercial. Yes, she looks amazing. She obviously did the hard work of eating WW Power Foods and hitting the gym. Congratulations, Jessica. You can trade the black dress for a white one and get married now. Maybe one of your kids can be ring bearer.

It must be the horrid winter weather we’ve had and the way it’s wrecked my usually sunny ( ! ) mood, but I can’t help thinking — motivation is a tough nut to crack, especially over the long haul. Weight Watchers reportedly motivated Jessica with a $3 million contract.

Now that’s what I call motivation! So what’s to keep the rest of us on the dieting straight and narrow?

That’s the $3 million question.


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Lisa February 19, 2014 at 1:36 pm

You really need to add a “Like” button to your blog 🙂

Laurie February 20, 2014 at 10:21 am

I agree with Lisa. A “LIKE” button is definitely in order! As it happens, I AM motivated but I wouldn’t turn away from $3 million either. I might even break a 30+ yr tradition and wear a little black dress. OK. Maybe not.

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