Kissin’ Cousins

by Anne Bennett on September 19, 2012

Playing outside this morning, Whitman (the pup with the Fauxhawk) and Julia became a bit rambunctious, so I ordered them to SIT!

Proximity led to a kiss, which Julia evidently didn’t appreciate.

Oh Julia, I lurf you!                                           Why’d she lick my kiss off?

That’s the cabana behind the poodles, where we’re moving today (again) in anticipation of the oak floors in our house being refinished. Remember that flood we had last year (yes, 9 months ago) that took out the downstairs floors and ceilings?

We’re finally getting around to putting the old homestead back in order. As you can see from the photo on the right, the ceilings are done and looking very sparkly and shiny.

And stacked to the rafters on the only floor in the house that isn’t wood are most of our upstairs furniture/belongings/crap that our two kids didn’t take with them when they left home.

If you’ve got grown children you know what I mean. They don’t want it, but they don’t want it thrown away.

Note to Elizabeth and Corbett, and I hope you’re reading this: the old man says that when this project is done, most of that stuff isn’t going back upstairs. If you don’t come and get it, you know where it’s going.

As of later today, it’s me, Champ, Lulu, Julia and Whitman (during the weekdays when I pup-sit him) in the cabana.

Two humans, three poodles, 500 square feet.  I’m stocking the refrigerator out there with wine.



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Laura September 21, 2012 at 11:41 am

Coziness like that and cooler weather, sounds like a beer and pretzel October is in your future! Good luck and keep the fridge stocked!

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