New WW Spokesperson!

by Anne Bennett on April 1, 2010

This morning Weight Watchers announced their new national spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson!  Jennifer has been following the Weight Watchers plan for awhile and is now thinner than she’s ever been in her adult life.  Here, in her own words, are her reasons for joining in the first place:


“I decided to join Weight Watchers when I learned a bit about the program and realized that it just sounded so natural to me. I am all about natural and healthy. I had been working at weight loss on my own with a lot of the same beliefs and healthy principles of Weight Watchers. Then I realized I could learn something from the structure and accountability it offered me.

One of the things I am most excited about in my life right now is that I can finally tell everyone what I have been doing to lose weight. It has been so hard not to say I’ve been following Weight Watchers, especially since people are constantly complimenting me on how I look. Really, I’ve been dying to tell people what my “secret” is!”

Go Jennifer, Go! We’re excited to watch your continued success on Weight Watchers, and I, for one, think you’ll make an awesome spokesperson!

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