One Thing You Can Do Now: #5 Search Out and Eat Real Food

by Anne Bennett on August 8, 2009


Look at this picture. Which one is the real peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Here’s a hint to the answer: it’s something your grandmother would have recognized. I’m not knocking the frozen PB & J sandwich-ettes. They’re the perfect solution for the harried mom who DOESN’T HAVE 30 SECONDS TO SMEAR PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY ON BREAD!


First Lady praying that it's real food.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the monotonous chores of daily life, I look to the rich and famous to see how they do it. Here’s a thought that occurred to me: I’m not an expert on what goes on in the White House, but I’m going to venture a guess that when the WH cooks are out in the garden digging up organic veggies for a state dinner, ┬áthe First Lady somehow squeezes in the time to make real sandwiches for her girls. I mean, does she look like the kind of woman who serves Uncrustables?

This is an important subject for me. I work for Weight Watchers, and every day I deal with wonderful, hard-working people who struggle with losing weight. One conclusion I have been unable to sidestep is this: we’re eating way too much “food” that we’re not preparing for ourselves, and it’s making us fat.

I will spend more time on this subject in coming days. In the meantime, get yourselves to a theater and see “Julie and Julia”, starring Meryl Streep. It says more about the joy–of life and real food–than anything I could write.

WW points for real peanut butter sandwich: 7

WW points for Uncrustable: 5 (that’s a lot, considering how puny it is)

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AmyPrevot Kamm August 9, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Amen sister! Julie and Julia was wonderful and I heard many people comment afterwards “let’s go get something to eat!”.

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