Many Hungry Poodle recipes include Weight Watcher points. If you’re not a Weight Watcher, let me explain what points are: they are a mathematical combination of the total calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein in food. The higher the point value, the more calories, saturated fat and/or sugar.

You really don’t need to know more than that in order to use points as a guide to how much you should be eating. It’s simple math: a dish that has 6 points per serving is going have more protein and less fat and sugar than one with 12 points. The SmartPoint system is designed to nudge us to make better, healthier food choices — more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean protein and less high fat, sugar-laden processed foods.

This is not, I repeat, NOT diet food. You won’t find recipes with so-called “lite” ingredients. I hate artificial, fake food concoctions, mainly because I ate them in the 1970’s, my decade of constant dieting, and they didn’t work. I didn’t stay thin, I was always hungry and I craved real food. I was in a very bad mood in the 1970’s. Consider yourself lucky if you didn’t know me then.

Hungry Poodle recipes are healthy, low in fat and added sugar and high in taste. There is no reason why we can’t eat well and lose weight. Don’t kid yourself: this doesn’t have to hurt. What have you got to lose except your butt?

Enjoy and please add your comments any time.