Reusable Gift Wrap!

by Anne Bennett on October 23, 2012

Not only am I thinking outside the bag, so to speak, I’m thinking way, way in advance!

Believe it or not, this is an idea for Christmas wrap, which, alas, I cannot take full credit for.

During a lively discussion with the checkout lady at Whole Foods last week, we concurrently came up with the idea of using recyclable, reusable grocery bags as holiday gift bags. The moment we had that “aha” moment together, I looked up at the wall of shopping bags and saw these. I swear, the idea came before the bag sighting.

Although I grew up in Northern California, birthplace of all things hippy/natural/crunchy, I am not the “greenest” person I know. I don’t compost. I throw away far too much excess produce from my fridge, particularly from the gargantuan packages I purchase from Costco in the momentary, delusional fantasy that I could ever actually consume four pounds of spinach.

But this, THIS is a good idea. And it costs less than those paper Hallmark gift bags that get thrown away the moment they’re torn into.

Put these on your to-do list before the holidays hit full force. Oh, and don’t hate me because I’m a Martha Stewart wannabe.

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