Spring has Sprung

by Anne Bennett on March 20, 2012

Lulu likes to coordinate her toys with the landscape. She is, after all, a poodle.

This is the first official day of Spring, 2012. ¬†Although it’s raining today in the Great American Midwest, Julia and Lulu have already begun their favorite outdoor game, ball-fetching, on the weekend just after the magnolia blossoms came out.

On Sunday I baked my second loaf of sourdough bread, this one an all-white loaf. It had an appropriately chewy crust with a soft, creamy interior that was delightful with Appenzeller* cheese. The next morning it made a great piece of toast with Swiss Black Cherry jam**.

The most valuable lesson learned thus far in this adventure into the world of flour and yeast is that real bread–the quintessential staff of life–is totally worth the effort, in the time it takes to make, the moderation it requires when eating and the amount of exercise needed to keep from becoming larger than, well, my pre-bread days.

What’s Whitman doing lurking behind that loaf of sourdough bread? I think he’s just waiting for an opportunity to grab it and run when nobody is looking! You can’t trust poodles around food, that’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way.

It's raining Poodles chez Bennett.

*Appenzeller Cheese is my favorite cheese. It comes from the canton of Appenzell in Switzerland, where both of my mother’s parents were born. We used to have to bring it home from Switzerland, but now you can find it in some cheese stores. If you can’t find Appenzeller, ¬†a cave-aged gruyere is a pretty close substitute.

**Swiss Black Cherry jam–the brand is Hero; it’s made in Switzerland but it’s sold here in many supermarkets. Another favorite.

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Sharon March 23, 2012 at 6:10 pm

Mmm-mm. I love sourdough bread. The times I have tried to grow my own starter it has been a total and complete failure. My grandmother had a starter that she kept alive for years…like 50 years. She baked bread every weekend with the starter — best bread EVER. I have been tempted by the King Arthur starter, but have hesitated because I wondered how good it really could be. I may have to place an order…


Lin April 6, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Can’t believe I am thinking about baking bread….last time I did I ate most of the loaf myself since my hubby has given up bread. Hmmm, but the boys will always help me out with eating it. Looks so yummy.
Any news on the remodel?

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