by Anne Bennett on May 22, 2010

Notice the flower pin on the Target t-shirt. Liz knows how to dress!

My cold from hell is abating, today it will be in the high 80’s in Kansas City, hence I am once again ready to cook. In the meantime, here are a few photos of our recent trip to Tampa, where we visited our daughter Elizabeth. She moved there a year ago for her job and we hadn’t been to visit yet. If I had to describe Florida in one word it would be: flat. ¬†Way flatter than Kansas. In two words: flat and sunny.

Liz took us to the beach on Mother’s day. Never one to allow a bit of sand to come between her and fashion, she wore high heels. Also notice the stylish flower pin on the Target t-shirt.

liz-the-drillerHer apt. has windows that open out to a spacious front porch, but in order to get there you have to climb out the windows. So, after the beach Champ and she built stairs!


Liz insisted on learning how to do the work herself. (Have heels, will build.) They timed themselves and completed the project in less than an hour.


As soon as the stairs were functional, Bella, the French bulldog from next door, tried them out. Her mom, Taylor, had to set some ground rules for uninvited visits. Bella didn’t like that: Liz keeps dog treats in her kitchen and Bella loves to visit as often as possible. The new stairs have made that prospect even easier!



Finally, Bella joined us for a family photo plus one (canine). Stairs completed, we had Mother’s Day dinner out on the patio. Bella had to stay inside her apartment because she had gotten into the trash and was in time out. I took this photo while we were eating. Poor Bella–she knows she’s missing out on roast chicken!


The best part for Champ was getting away for a weekend!

Back at home in Kansas City and it’s time to head down to the kitchen to stir up some stir-fry as promised. Get your vegetables and your wok ready!

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Donna May 24, 2010 at 6:31 am

Great pics, see you wednesday.

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