The More Things Change…

by Anne Bennett on March 12, 2012

Hmmm. And I thought Champ was the only one who looked at me like that.

It’s been three months since the flood at the Bennett house, and I am sorry to report that renovation work has not yet begun, due in large part, to the haggling back and forth between my husband, Champ, the contractors and last but not least, the insurance company.

This reminds me of an old Woody Allen joke: “Today I considered suicide again. This time the method was to walk up next to an insurance salesman and inhale.”

If you are in the insurance business and you are an honorable person, (oxymoron, anyone?) I apologize for that joke.

I confess to being only an intermittently patient person. I can take disarray for just so long and then, in a flash, I come unglued. Unfortunately, this has happened several times and it hasn’t been pretty. Carefully applied mascara has gone awash, sound barriers have been broken, I have thrown embarrassingly infantile hissy fits.

And yet, nothing changes. Don’t you hate when that happens? Or rather, doesn’t happen?

But wait. It’s Spring, the time of year that signifies re-birth, newness, growth. Longer days with abundant sunshine. New beginnings.

Allergies. Sneezing. Itchy eyes.

Obviously time for a serious attitude change. This morning when I opened my email inbox, I found that my best friend, Michael, sent me a gift book via Amazon for my iPad, titled, “The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work”.

Just in the freaking nick of time.



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Amy Kamm March 13, 2012 at 4:44 pm

Oh dear…I’m sorry for your unsuccessful hissy fits…those are only fun when they get you somewhere…. SOunds like my old friend Pinot Grigio might need to be called into action. He won’t get the job done any faster but you might not care as much!!!

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