The Walking Taco

by Anne Bennett on May 12, 2014

Walking Taco

Just when you thought it was safe to head back to Target after their massive credit card data breach during the holidays, comes this fascinating meal idea.

DoritosCustomers recently reported seeing single-portion bags of Doritos stored in the refrigerated section of Target stores near the shredded cheese. They began posting photos on Twitter and asking, “Why is Target refrigerating Doritos?” Some of us, me included, must be slow on the uptake.

Target was swift to answer: in order to create a “more convenient shopping experience,” Target has placed all the ingredients for “walking tacos” in the same location.

Exactly what is a walking taco? In a nutshell: ¬†you crush the contents of a bag of Doritos with your hands, open it up, shovel in all your favorite taco fixings and eat it right out of the bag with a spoon. Ostensibly, this is while you’re “on the go,” otherwise known as sitting on your keester watching TV, which technically isn’t “on the go” but come on, is anyone actually going to go out in public — in plain view of everyone else — and eat one of these?

Dad's walking tacoIs your head about to explode because mine is.

Convenience and crunchiness aside, eating fat- salt- preservative-laden food out of plastic Dorito bags doesn’t seem… like an honorable culinary pursuit. I mean, really, I’d hate to think that we’d sunk that low on the civilized eating scale. Heaven, or rather Julia Child, forbid.

I was going to go to Target today to buy one of those As-Seen-On-TV collapsible hoses, but I’m not so sure now. I may go to Lowe’s instead, provided they haven’t gone to the dark side as well.


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Jody G. May 13, 2014 at 9:08 am

The only time I’ve seen these is at an outdoor art show or county fair, etc., actually done with a bag of Fritos but I think they topped it with chili and cheese.

Btw, if you really ARE considering one of those collapsible hoses, the original ones, in which the hoses are light green, were terrible. Leaked all the time. I had to return 2 of them. Home Depot said they’ve had tons of them returned. Now they have a new model with a dark green hose that they say is 3x as strong. If you’re really buying one, make sure it’s that one that says “3x stronger”. I bought one and it seems much better.

But if you were just being cute, as Rosanne Rosannadanna would say . . . never mind!

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