Weight Watchers Super Bowl Ad, the Long Version

by Anne Bennett on February 2, 2015

In case you missed it, Weight Watchers joined the ranks of Super Bowl advertisers yesterday. Unfortunately, the 30-second spot was so visually packed with instant shots of junk food — candy, pizza, Costco-sized vats of mayonnaise– I didn’t even know it was a Weight Watchers ad until the end when their name appeared. And by then it was too late. The game was already back on.

Pity. They missed their opportunity to attract the attention of one hundred million Americans, three-quarters of whom (that would be 75 million) are overweight. The ad’s theme? Our drug-like addiction to fast food, aptly narrated by Aaron Paul, who played a meth dealer on “Breaking Bad.”

That was subtle.

Here’s the uncut, one-minute version, which definitely has more impact. Watch it and see if it gives you the urge to join a Weight Watchers meeting.

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Michael February 2, 2015 at 1:19 pm

Hi Anne,

I have only seen the one minute version and it definitely got and held my attention. Showing the food and “drugs” with the voice over giving the excuses made me want to watch through the end.
It was an emotional appeal that worked for me. I’m sure WW will run the minute ad on lots of TV.
I hope so for the sake of the 75 million people.

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