Where’s the Wok?

by Anne Bennett on May 18, 2010

Isabel, the hungriest poodle I know, kindly volunteered to pose for a photo in which she illustrates how I have been feeling the last few days. A cold has descended upon me like nobody’s business, making the prospect of cooking less-than-appealing. Plus, who wants to eat what I’ve laid my germy hands on?


This is the canine version of Anne. The hair is even the right color!

I received my carbon-steel wok in the mail late last week and have seasoned it. It’s amazing in its ability to stir-fry with very little oil and no sticking. Tonight I’m going to stir-fry some baby bok choy with ginger and garlic and serve it with grilled pork chops.

When I’m up and running again, I’ll be featuring lots of stir-fried dishes with pics. In the meantime, don’t forget to eat real food. Traditional Asian cuisine is an excellent example. (When I shopped at the Asian market for ingredients, I looked into other shoppers’ baskets. They were filled with vegetables of all kinds–boy choy, long green beans, cabbage, cucumber, bell peppers, just to name a few. No Cheez-Its. Why not? Duh! Because any “food” that turns your lips that orange can’t be real!)

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Courtney May 18, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Feel better Anne – I mixed up my “lazy girl” stir fry last weekend, always satisfying.

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