You’ve Come A Long Way,Baby!

by Anne Bennett on May 6, 2010


How many diets have you been on in your lifetime?  I’ve been on too many to count and I have no pleasant memories of any of them. Since the very nature of a diet is temporary–something you go “on” and “off”–I always regained whatever pounds I had lost once I returned to my old eating habits. I’ve probably lost (and gained and lost again) a couple of hundred pounds in the last four decades. Think of all that wasted effort.

Been there, done that? Of course you have. It’s the common thread amongst all dieters and it’s why this vintage postcard is funny. We know how this woman feels!

Aside from the humor, she is moving in the right direction, that is, if she wants to lose weight and keep it off permanently. She needs to do the opposite of dieting. She needs to learn to cook and eat real food (I know, I’m echoing myself again) and make it a lifestyle she can maintain for the rest of her life. She can have fun with food (she can have her cake and eat it too), but it won’t be the complete undoing of her other healthy habits.

Next week I’m going to begin cooking recipes from a new cookbook I read about on the Weight Watchers web site,”Stir-Frying To The Sky’s Edge”, by Grace Young. It’s not a diet cookbook, per se, but the quickly cooked, vegetable-laden recipes are very healthy. I can’t wait to try them out, but I have to wait for my carbon-steel wok to arrive from The Wok Shop in San Francisco.

What fun this will be! Recipes will begin appearing here next week, after I’ve seasoned the new wok and gathered the ingredients. Get your chopsticks out!

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