You: A Work of Art

by Anne Bennett on March 15, 2011

Would you rather be an apple?

Or a Rembrandt?








Finally, a company that puts women in their proper place: the art museum.

Australian bra manufacturer, Triumph, has launched a campaign to re-name women’s body shapes. Rather than referring to body types as fruit-shaped, such as apples and pears, they are using works of master artists to describe the female form. An apple-shaped figure with a full bust and bottom is now represented by Rembrandt; a pear is a Matisse.

Research reveals that up to 70% of women are unhappy with their bodies, and that much of their dissatisfaction stems from cultural stereotypes. Triumph hopes that re-naming women’s figures will cast them in a more flattering light.

I, for one, would rather think of myself as a work of art instead of a piece of fruit. And where can I go to buy a Triumph?

A pear?

Or a Matisse?

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Marie Snook March 16, 2011 at 2:32 pm

I like this! Much rather be a work of art then food!!!

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